Our Products

Leitfie Farms Prime Beef Range

We've put together a collection of our Leitfie Farms Prime Beef, matured for 28 days to ensure a succulent taste. We have everything from delicious steak mince to the prime roasting joints, perfect for that special occasion as well as prime sausages, burgers and steaks.


Leitfie Farms Farmer's Choice Beef Range

Our everyday beef range from Leitfie Farms guarantees delicious beef at an affordable price. Enjoy beef that has been matured for at least 21 days to ensure a fantastic flavour and all at a price that will make you smile.


Chapelton Farm Home Reared Pork

We only rear traditional pig breeds at Chapelton Farm, chosen for their slow growing nature which means the pork is full of flavour. The pigs are fed a home-mixed feed from surplus grain mixed with proteins and minerals to keep them happy and healthy and medical treatments are kept to a minimum. Currently we have a number Gloucester Old Spot and British Saddleback pigs all of which share a number of paddocks to encourage their sociable natures.