The Old Piggery

The Old Piggery was set up by brothers Ben and Mark Barron and their wives Jo and Bec. They both run their own farms a few miles apart in the Strathmore Valley; Ben and Jo at Leitfie Farms and Mark and Bec at Chapelton Farm.

Leitfie Farms produces the beef with calving taking place every year during March and April. The calves spend all spring/summer and autumn on the grass flood plains of the River Isla before being housed in the winter months feeding on home produced forage. Leitfie Farms also grows oats for milling, and barley for malting with any surplus grain being used for feeding their animals. Leitfie Farms Beef range has been matured for at least 21 days to ensure a fantastic flavour and all at a price that will make you smile.

Chapelton Farm produces the pork concentrating on traditional slow growing pig breeds which guarantees a better quality of taste. The pigs live outdoors all year round where possible and are excellent at helping turn over the paddocks. Chapelton also grows oats for milling as well as rotating grass, potatoes and peas to ensure the soil keeps healthy.   

Why Choose Frozen Meat ?

We're often sold speed as a virtue and that the quicker the food is on our plates, the fresher and more nutritious it will be for us. However, whilst fresh is great, freezing is fantastic too – as it puts the brakes on the bacteria that break down the goodness in food acting like a pause button, meaning food stays fresher for longer and you can use the food at a time convenient to you.

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